Sunday, July 27, 2014

STORY: New Fan encounter with Jamie Dornan

@MayliR had the chance to meet Jamie Dornan while he was in NYC and shared her experience with me!
Mayli has been eager to meet Jamie since 2003 and finally got to! She went to the TODAY show but didn't get to see him when he arrived or left because Jamie had gone in and out through the garage, where Dakota Johnson waved to them from her SUV, but thanks to a friend of hers she found out where Jamie would be the following day. 
She and her friends waited and the wait ended up being worth it. He came out of a cab and approached them. She told Jamie that she saw the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer and loved it and she couldn't wait for the film which he appreciated and she mentioned the 'fluffier' which made him laugh. He signed a photo for her and posed for the photograph. Her friend Katy asked him if he would come back to Once Upon a Time and he said yes he would like to and has to see what happens. He gave Mayli a hug before leaving with his publicist.

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