Thursday, May 18, 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Fifty Shades Darker DVD/Blu-ray Release Party in NYC

Here is my experience at the exclusive Fifty Shades Darker DVD/Blu-ray release party that was held in New York City on May 4, 2017. 

Official Fifty gave us a two night stay at a beautiful Hilton hotel located just near Times Square.
Arriving at the party, which was held at the Whitby Hotel, we were greeted by servants dressed just like Christian.
Inside were three rooms, not counting the theater. The first was where the bar and delicious dessert table was located. They served drinks inspired by Ana and Christian. 
In the second room was where Dakota, Jamie and Marcia's masquerade outfits were on display. 
There was also a photobooth with a rose backdrop.
Some photobooth fun with @BOOKPRlNCESS and @NikkiG26
Also there was the makeup artist from the film, @rosalinamakeup, doing makeup for anyone who wanted theirs done. Rosalina was extremely kind and showed us all the makeup she used on Dakota.
The next room held many of Christian's toys.
When it came time for the Q&A we were led over to the theater. Each seat had a gift bag.
 Inside my bag was a keychain, mask, candle, book and lipstick like the one Dakota wore in the film.
When Erika arrived the entire theater cheered.  She was so happy to be there and answered a bunch of questions submitted by fans. A cool thing she mentioned was that they filmed something special for the Fifty Shades Freed DVD/Blu-ray. You can see the whole Q&A over at
She then took a photo of the audience.
After the Q&A she signed books and took photos with everyone. It was amazing finally getting to meet and talk face to face with the author who created one of my favorite franchises. She was so humble and welcoming. We spoke about my own writing and she gave me some amazing advice that I will never forget. 
Big thanks to Universal for the invite and thanks to everyone who follows my site. It's because of your support I was able to attend this party and finally meet E L James.