Friday, February 28, 2014

PHOTOS: Dakota Johnson out in West Hollywood

   Here are some new photos of Dakota Johnson out in West Hollywood. Thanks to JamieDornanHQ for the shots!

VIDEO: Full Interview of Jamie Dornan on the Graham Norton Show

Here is the interview that aired today.

VIDEO: Jamie Dornan on the Graham Norton Show

Here is a clip of Jamie Dornan on the Graham Norton Show in which he talks about his 'funny walk'.

New Poster from 'New Worlds' featuring Jamie Dornan

Here is a great new poster from 'New Worlds' which was posted by @nickycafc

PHOTOS: Jamie Dornan attends New Worlds Press Screening

 Jamie Dornan (Christian) attended a Press Screening for his new TV Mini-Series 'New Worlds'.
Check out these great photos taken by fans.
via: @nickycafc

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Jamie Dornan leaving Vancouver after Fifty Shades of Grey wraps up filming

Jamie Dornan signed some autographs for fans before heading into the airport leaving Vancouver after Fifty Shades of Grey wrapped up shooting.
source: justjared

Thursday, February 20, 2014

New Interview with Jamie Dornan from Glamour Poland

Jamie is featured in the new issue for Glamour Poland and talked a bit about his role in Fifty Shades of Grey. Thanks to and @KCNSassyGirls for the translation and scan.

-I’m not afraid to play the role of Christian Grey.
Because I’m not like him. But I perfectly understand him. I never thought that he was a monster. He is simply woven from desires. As every one of us …

-I hope that after the role of Grey’s…
Women will see in me a real guy. Honestly? When I hear that I’m cute and charming, I feel like a French bulldog.

-Paparazzi? I have no problem with them.
I’m 31 years old and not 21 . I do not leave the clubs at 5am. Who would be interested in a nerd like me?

-I am not fit for a star.
I despise extravagance. I do not fly a private plane. I do not have bodyguards and I do not buy branded stuff. I have a house, a family, two dogs, a watch.To good enough for me…

-My acting strategy …
This lack of methods. My colleagues in the industry spend half a year to rehab if they have to play an alcoholic. I go to plan, I say my lines and go back home to read a book. I don’t understand people who do not read. What are they doing in their free time?

-Success is my responsibility.
You can become conceited asshole or do something good for world. The latter being much more difficult.

-I do not like to define people.
I do not try to be cool or trendy. I am individualist. Most in life I want to be myself.

PHOTO: Jamie Dornan posing with Fifty Shades of Grey Producer

Here is a new photo of Jamie Dornan posted by Dana Brunetti headlining 'Christian Grey eats at Freddy's BBQ? @HouseofCards'

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