Saturday, July 26, 2014

NEWS: Jamie Dornan to star in 'Adam Jones' alongside Bradley Cooper

Cosmopolitan has shared this great news on Jamie Dornan's upcoming film project.

This film sounds tasty in so many ways. Not only does it involve Jamie Dornan AND Bradley Cooper, but it also features loads of deliciously good-looking food. We're already salivating (over the food, obvs).
In his first movie role after next year's Fifty Shades of Grey, Jamie will reportedly join Coops in Adam Jones (previously titled Chef) about, you guessed it, a CHEF. We bet you didn't see that one coming.
Bradley plays the chef in question, who returns from a break to try and secure another Michelin star and create the best restaurant ever. So, he assembles a top class team to help him.
Our only reservation is the plot, which is, let's face it, not believable in any way. If Bradley Cooper owned a restaurant that Jamie Dornan was hanging around, it would already be the best place on earth and would most probably be booked up until summer 2037.
Oh and if you thought Bradley couldn't get any more attractive, he's apparently been honing his culinary skills with with Michelin-starred chef Marcus Wareing at his restaurant in Knightsbridge, report the Daily Mail.
Sienna Miller will play a sous chef, with Emma Thompson and Lily James also appearing.

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