Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fan Experience at the TODAY Show

Here is Jacqui Redner's experience at the show. Thanks to jdornanlife for sharing.

"So we just got home, Jamie didn't come out but we were right up front, at the window. They bought Jamie and Dakota out and we got his attention, he waved at me and my two friends, we were the only ones up front for him, everyone else there was a bunch of teeny boppers there to see a British boy band called The Vamps. Matt L, saw my sign and I asked him to bring Jamie outside, he gave me the thumbs up, before the interview, he went over to Jamie pointed at me and my two friends he looked right at us, we waved, he smiled and waved back, I got so excited I blew him a kiss and OMG!!! He blew me a kiss back! Then he laughed, cause I almost lost it. Then they had to lower a screen to get the lighting right in the studio, that's why the pics look a little darker, but he was 15 feet away I was dying! By the way Dakota was so sweet we waved at her and she smiled and waved back too!

It was so cute when they were showing the trailer, Jamie kept looking at Dakota and leaning in talking to her. It was the first time they have seen each other since the film wrapped, he was so cute, like he was thrilled to see the trailer with her. She kept elbowing him.

I wasn't even watching the trailer I was watching them the whole time. Freaking adorable! Awesome chemistry together."

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