Tuesday, July 29, 2014

STORY: New fan encounter with Dakota Johnson

@madmeggo met Dakota Johnson in NYC and shared her story with me!
Here is what she had to say:
"Well I just left work in the West Village when my friend tells me that she's looking at Dakota Johnson in Soho. I was like "Yeah,Okay." but I decided to book it a few blocks to see . . . she was sitting at a cute outdoor cafe in Soho with her boyfriend and a few friends. She was so chill that I honestly thought that couldn't be her. We didn't want to interrupt anything so when her friends left my friend approached her table and told her I was a really big fan. She came over and I was expecting the usual "take a picture then leave" type thing that celebrities tend to do.
She came right over and shook my hand. I was shocked. She then asked if we lived in the city and what we did. I was so nervous I blurted "You're blonde." And she laughed then asked if we had seen the trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey. We told her that we've watched it 50 million times . . . because we have. My friend asked her if we could take a selfie and we did! She told us to have a good night and we thanked her. There was more conversation but I'm still shaking and in shock that, that even happened. She was so chill and thoughtful."
source: @madmeggo

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  1. she's so lucky!!! I could not love Dakota more that I do now.