Thursday, March 20, 2014

Rita Ora's new photoshoot and interview with Paper Mag

 Rita Ora did a new photoshoot with Paper Magazine and also did a interview with the mag.
Nick Grimshaw: You were just at Milan Fashion Week, walking in Jeremy Scott's Moschino show and performing at Philipp Plein. How was it? All I've seen is pictures of you becoming best friends with Naomi Campbell.
Rita Ora: Yeah, me and Naomi Campbell are like best friends... No, I'm joking. She's so cute. She was looking after me at the [Philipp Plein] show. I was really nervous because I felt fat -- everyone was so skinny and tall. So she gave me a pep talk and walked me in. Then we ended up having drinks by the bar and she was being really cool. 
NG: She's so fun isn't she? 
RO: She was being major, but you know what that's like. I'll talk to you about it later when we're not being recorded. 
NG: So, you were in Milan, where I also saw you cavorting on top of a car in a bikini or 
a bra top or something at the Philipp Plein show. 
RO: Oh, it was a bra, yeah. I had nothing else so I wore a bra and some jeans. We had fun. It was a really sick show. It wasn't fashion-y, which was nice. It was just like a proper party.
NG: Were you always experimenting with fashion looks when you were younger?
RO: I was always messing around. I had everything at my beck and call in my mom's room, so I was playing dress-up all the time and putting on shows. My mom would tell me to shut up, already, and I would never shut up.
NG: I think the Oras need to have a reality show like the Kardashians. 
RO: Yeah, we do need to do that. Everyone's going to see how absolutely gangsta we are.

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