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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Anne Marie DeLuise

Anne Marie DeLuise who had been cast to play the role of Dr. Greene in Fifty Shades of Grey has taken the time to answer some questions for the site and clear up the curiosity many of us had after finding out she was cut from the film.

Prior to getting the role of Dr. Greene had you read the books? Were you a fan?

Yes, I had read all three of the books (and I had loaned them to my 72 year mother!) Yes, I enjoyed them quite a bit and the fleeting thought ran through my mind, “I could play Dr. Greene” before I ever knew they were making a movie.

What was the auditioning process like?

Like any other audition, I got the call and it was just on tape with the casting director (no director or producer present), then about one month later, I got a call saying that the director wanted to meet with me in person.  So I met with Sam (Taylor-Johnson) for about 5-10 minutes and then a few days later I got the call saying I’d booked the role.

Did you shoot any scenes for the film that ended up being cut or were you cast but cut out of the story before they began to shoot?

I did shoot for one day - it was technically two scenes (as numbered in the script), the first was Christian introducing me to Ana, then the next was me giving birth control pills to Ana and explaining the importance of taking one every day, and then leaving the apartment. (It was understood that there was a time cut between the scenes where I would have given her an examination off camera). After my character leaves the room, the scene continues between Christian and Ana and he asks her, “How did your appointment go with Dr. Greene?”. This was shot while I was still present on set and I knew when I heard that line that they could easily cut the previous scene without affecting the audience’s understanding of the story. Apparently the movie was over 30 minutes too long and many scenes had to be cut; unfortunately, mine was one of them.

You mentioned to me that you have been "optioned" for Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed meaning you may be able to play Dr. Greene if the Producers want you back. Would you be up for taking the role in any of the sequels? I know many fans who were disappointed that your character was cut from the first film as she plays a pretty important role in the books.

When a production company has an “option” on you, it means they basically have dibs on you and you have committed to them for that project. When an actor has signed an option, the production has the right to use them or not but the actor doesn’t have the option to say no at that point. It is basically an advance contract. So would I be “up” for playing the role in the sequels? Absolutely! I would be thrilled to play Dr. Greene again, and contractually, I have no choice if they do choose to use me, (but again, happily so).

What was the vibe on set like? 

The day I was on set (it was the “Christian’s apartment” set) the vibe was quiet, pleasant and professional. Dakota and Jamie were both welcoming to me and easy going with each other.

(Christian's Apartment)

How was it working alongside Dakota?

It was lovely, we chatted briefly during hair/makeup about the fact she had worked on the first 21 Jump St. movie, which my husband, Peter DeLuise, made a cameo in, reprising his role of Doug Penhall from the Television series.  

Other than that, it was very quiet and professional.

Are you currently working on any projects that you’d like to speak about?  

I did a TV series last year that was a very exciting project. It was called Strange Empire and it was a period Western set in 1869. The show was produced for a Canadian network called CBC but unfortunately only ran for one season. You can see the show on Netflix now though.

I’ve also done a couple of TV movies for the Hallmark channel recently as well as a guest role on Hallmark’s series, "When Calls the Heart” - my episodes are toward the end of this current season so should air in a couple of months. Also, just before Christmas I had a great time acting in a movie for Universal Home Digital called “One Night in Doom House” - I got to act alongside my real-life husband and we played the Mom and Dad in the film (it’s a scary movie for kids). Tons of fun!

Is acting what you’ve always known you wanted to do or was there another career path you would have or still want to pursue?

I always wanted to act but I was in my 20’s before I realized it was a career I could actually pursue in Canada, so I was a bit of a late starter. By the time I went to train at a Theatre School in Toronto I had already earned a Business degree in Marketing, worked for a couple of years in that field and then travelled around the world for eight months. I’m really grateful for all of my experiences.

Is there anything in particular acting wise that you hope to accomplish someday?

I want to do a play here locally in Vancouver! Something sexy, edgy and contemporary!

You can follow Anne on Twitter over at ->@amdeluise

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