Sunday, February 8, 2015

EXCLUSIVE: My Experience at the Fifty Shades of Grey NYC Premiere

On February 5th, 2015 I flew out with a friend to attend the premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey on February 6 which was an invite from the great people over at Official Fifty. Here's how it went.
My Official Fifty NYC Experience began when I arrived at my hotel. Upon checking in I was told I had a package waiting for me. I was given a big box with my name on it and a sticker reading Fifty Shades of Grey. I couldn't wait to open it. 
In it was an assortment of Fifty Shades goodies such as wine, items from their make up line and much more. I've taken photos of all the items to share with you. This was certainly a great start to my trip.
 Soon after arriving and opening the package I hurried to get ready to head over to a nearby pub for a Fifty Shades of Grey meet up I was invited to by @50latersbaby. My friend and I rushed out of our hotel and through times square. We got a little lost having been completely new to the area but were able to find our way to the pub. We were lucky to get there right when the producer of the film, @DanaBrunetti, arrived. I had to do a double take, so shocked that it was him. 
We spoke briefly outside before he opened the door to the pub and kindly held it open for my friend (Karen) and I to go through. All the fans who were already there for the meet up screamed as he entered. Dana was extremely humble and kind to every fan there. He took as many photos as they wanted and signed as many autographs as they asked for. I spoke to him a few times during the meet up and took two photos with him.
We stayed at the pub until about midnight. Dana stayed for longer but my friend (Karen) and I knew we should return to our hotel since we would have to be up in 4 hours for the premiere. On our way back to the hotel I stopped and took photos of the Fifty Shades of Grey display in Times Square. I'd also noticed cabs with the film advertised on them as well. There were plenty more posters all around the city.
Getting back to our hotel and by the time we'd showered and done everything we needed to it was 3am meaning I only got one hour of sleep before the premiere. I didn't care because I was just so excited to go! Sadly the other jacket I had for the trip the zipper on it broke so I was forced to wear the same coat again for the premiere. 

Karen and I were so relieved when arriving to the premiere and seeing they'd set up a large tent with heaters for the check in process. Everyone working at the event was extremely kind and welcoming. It was so cold that morning but they made sure everyone was warm and comfortable.
We were one of the first inside the premiere. I was given two envelopes. One with my ticket and one with a 'contract'. I was also given a black pouch with a replica of Christian's playroom key.
After checking in and walking into the premiere I was in awe of everything. I'd never seen a premiere set up so beautifully before. They had these gorgeous chandeliers high around and giant beautiful rose assortments. There were handsome men dressed in grey suits serving various drinks. My favorite is the one I took a photo of below. I don't remember what it was called but it was fruity and just delicious. 
I tried to get as many photos as I could of everything but it was so much to take in I also wanted to be able to experience it myself but I think I got a good amount of photos of it all, really wanting to share it with the fans who couldn't be there.
They had different kinds of displays of the film posters to take photos with on the black carpet.
When going inside I was surprised and excited to see how much more was in there. There were posters all around and even more waiters inside this time serving different foods ranging from chocolate covered strawberries to mini parfaits. It definitely woke me up and kept me up throughout the many hours I had ahead.
Stepping into the auditorium we were shown to our reserved seats. I loved our section because I could see the entire screen perfectly. 
While everyone settled in and I was approached by many fans of the site and it was such a heart warming experience getting to meet readers of my page. 
Eloise Mumford came into the screening and sat in the audience. A few fans approached her but sadly by the time I gained the courage to approach her a guard was no longer allowing fans to meet her since the film was about to start. But it was nice seeing her there and she's even more beautiful in person. 
Before the film began Jamie, Dakota, Sam and EL came out. They were there only for a bit and answered a few questions before leaving so the film could begin.
When the lights went down and the Universal logo came on the entire theater cheered. The moment the intro music for the film began to play I froze. I couldn't believe it was happening. I was finally watching the movie after so many years of waiting. I whispered over to Karen "This has to be a prank. This is too good to be true." It was so surreal. The moment Christian came on the screen all the girls squealed. I loved how the entire theater was dead silent for the most part and everyone was so intent on paying attention to the film and how everyone laughed at the same parts and squealed when a popular reference from the book came on. 
The film was overall beautifully done and took the best parts of the book to make something that readers and nonreaders of the books can enjoy.
Once the film came to an end the cast came back out.
When they came out this time it was through the entrance on my side of the theater. I was so excited they were so close to us. It happened so fast that I thought if I'd use that feature the I-Phone has where you hold it down and it takes a bunch of photos quickly I could get a good shot. Clearly that isn't the case since they came out blurry in each photo but hey at least you can tell it's them. I should have done a video instead but I was so excited I could barely think straight.
They went back to the front of the theater and discussed how it was to make the film and Sam announced that there will of course be two more films coming up and she will be working on them.
It was such a beautiful moment. They were all so happy with the fans reactions and Dakota sweetly turned around and thanked all of us. Seeing how touched they were was a nice thing to witness. 
When they left I was approached by the winners of my Official Fifty ticket giveaway. It made me so happy to see that the tickets had gone to such kind fans.
As Karen and I left the auditorium cameras were set up all around and they asked fans for their reactions. I didn't take part in that since the lines for that were just far too long. As I walked out I was handed a poster. I wasn't sure what poster it was. I had figured it would be the one of Christian holding the grey tie since I saw it was black. 
When I got to my hotel and opened it I was so surprised to see it was this poster. I'd seen it displayed at the premiere but didn't think it was something that I could get my hands on. It's a special poster just for the screening as it says on the bottom. 
Arriving to my hotel it was so bittersweet. I couldn't believe it was over and I still couldn't believe I saw the movie. It took awhile to finally kick in. 
I am so thankful for the opportunity Official Fifty has given me and I honestly cannot wait for the film to release worldwide so that the fans can experience this film as well.

(If using any of these photos please credit. Thank you.)


  1. Excellent article! I feel like I was there, looking over your shoulder. :). Thank you for your personal tour. You're so lucky!