Thursday, November 13, 2014

PHOTOS: Victor Rasuks exclusive photoshoot and interview for Just Jared

justjared shared this exclusive with Victor Rasuk where he talks about Fifty Shades of Grey, his show Stalker and more.
JJ: Moving on to Fifty Shades of Grey! How was the shoot?!
VR: Awesome! Dakota [Johnson] is fantastic, Jamie [Dornan] was so dope to work with. 
When they were first cast, there was a lot of haters. When we started to do read-throughs, I got to meet them for the first time. I told everybody she was a great Anastasia, he was a great Christian, they’re going to be dope! And then boom, the Beyonce trailer comes out, and everybody’s like, “Yo, they’re going to be a great Anastasia and Christian.” And I was like, “I told you!!” 
It was a great experience and everybody, you know, I want to just throw out there now. Everyone who was behind the scenes creatively, dude. They’re all about making it as true to the book as possible, and I’m super proud to say they have done it. And I can’t wait until people see it. 
JJ: What’s the most memorable scene you remember shooting?
VR: The first scene that I shot, where Christian pushes Jose–I play Jose Rodriguez. I’m about to kiss Anastasia outside the bar and Christian comes to the rescue and it gets super aggressive scene. 
Jamie at first didn’t want to “hurt me.” (laughs) So he kind of gave me a little bit of a b-tch shove, and then he was like, “Dude, do you mind if I really…” And I was like, “Bro, I’ve been workin’ out for the last month, do what you gotta do.” We did a take, he damn near almost tumbled me, to the point if I would’ve fell back… We shot on this gravel road. If I would’ve fell back, I would’ve been out of commission my first f-cking day of shooting!
JJ: Do you have a favorite prop from that set?
VR: I got to carry this really cool Nikon F1 camera. It almost made you feel like how your parents grew up, shooting pictures that weren’t digital. 
JJ: Describe these co-stars in one word. Jamie Dornan.
VR: Intense.
JJ: Dakota Johnson.
VR: Intense. (laughs)
VR: I was so geeked! (pauses) Nice.
JJ: Rita Ora.
VR: You know, I got to meet her briefly. Energetic.
VR: What’s a good word when you won’t even hurt a fly? Not nice, but almost… Flower. She’s a flower.
JJ: Director Sam Taylor-Johnson.
VR: Lovable.
VR: He’s my boy, so I call him… Brotha.
JJ: E.L. James, the author.
VR: Passionate.
JJ: Have you seen any playback from Fifty Shades?
VR: The only playback I saw was the first scene, the aggressive scene. I didn’t want to watch playback because I felt so confident with Sam Taylor-Johnson, the director. I knew the direction she was giving me was on point. On top of that, the author EL James was on set too. I felt like if they were cool with it, I was cool with it. 
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