Monday, September 1, 2014

NEWS: Photoshoot & Interview with Sam Taylor-Johnson for The Times Magazine

[…] She approaches her photography and film-making in a similar way, there is no avoiding the elephant in the room - her work on the adaptatio of EL James’s bestelling erotic novel. The media campaing around it has been planned with military precision, and emails have been sent stating she cannot asked about the film, but it is the biggest thing in her life for years, and one of the biggest media events of the next 12 months, due for release for Valentine’s Day, 2015. So, it’s inevitable. How was it taking on such a huge film project? “I don’t get stressed,” she says. Then she adds, “Well, I get stressed, but I don’t tend to show it. I don’t get aggressive or angry. I’m not a shouter. But, yeah, it’s a big project that I’ve embarked on, but I like challenges.” Did she expect to get the gig? There were some big star directors, including Steven Soderbergh, up for it. “I went in really wanting it, and I think really wanting something is halfway there to getting it.” Is she pleased with it? “Yeah, fantastically. It’s been a great experience. I’m trying not to look up until it’s done.” Is her aim to please the book’s fans, or a new audience? “I want to be able to please everyone.” Will she be directing subsequent films of the other books? “Let’s focus on one thing at a time.” Was she allowed autonomy in her direction? “No one’s allowed autonomy, unless it’s your own money. It’s very differenct from how I’ve worked before.” Was she a fan of the books? “I didn’t know the books early on.” I’d read that her husband, Aaron, would be in it. “No.” A hesitation. Ah, he is? She shuts down the topic, evidently not wanting to risk letting anything slip out. […]

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