Wednesday, August 20, 2014

ARTICLE: Jamie Dornan talks about his role in The Fall shared a great article on Jamie Dornan's show 'The Fall'.
Fifty Shades of Grey hunk Jamie Dornan will be back playing killer Paul Spector in The Fall next month.
BAFTA announced today there will be a screening for the hit BBC thriller in September in London.
It means Dornan and Gillian Anderson - who plays Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson will be reunited on screen. The pair will also do a Q&A at the September screening.
It’s thought the second series of the crime drama could then go out in October on BBC2.
Dornan was a virtual unknown when he took on the role of Spector in 2012, after filming the part it went out in May last year and he then grabbed a lead in Hollywood film 50 Shades Of Gray in October of last year.
Describing his role in the drama, Dornan admitted it was full-on.
He said: “I don’t think it would have been too good for me to stay in that head space for three months. When it was appropriate, I would make someone laugh.
"There were scenes where I’ve got a ligature around my victim’s neck and I’m ­pretending to squeeze with all my life.
“She’s foaming at the mouth, my sweat’s ­dripping in her eyes, I’m watching her die and her eyes are bulging.
“After every one of those scenes, when they’d say, ‘Cut!’ I was saying, ‘Oh my God I’m so sorry.
“I’m going to untie your feet here. Is that OK?’
“Because I am not that guy. I did my best to slip out of it as soon as ‘cut’ was called.
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